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Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales with illustrations by Willy Pogany, 3rd part

When the dragon realized that the struggle was in vain he said to the Prince :" If you will go to the land of Chinimatchin and bring me the Padishah's daughter, I will spare your life." The Prince consented to the condition, for he was too exhausted to continue the combat any longer.
Champalak—as the dragon was called—gave the Prince a bridle and instructed him as follows: "Every day a magic horse, Ajgyr, grazes here: Catch him, put his bride on him, and command him to take you to the land of Chinimatchine.“

When they reached the palace gates ArabUzengi, seeing them, cried with a loud voice :" Away, away ! come not here ! As you were able to take the Princess you are capable of anything—all things are possible ' unto you. Keep the maiden and the sword , • only come not near me!

After some investigation the young man discovered a place where he could scale the wall. He climbed up, and when he had reached the top he invited the others to follow him one by one. As they came up he cut off their heads and threw their bodies into the courtyard. When all the forty had been destroyed in this manner he entered the serai and began to
wander through the halls and corridors.

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