Montag, 5. Juni 2023

Illustrations for Adventure Books by CHARLES H. STEPHENS

 Charles Hallowell Stephens  (1864 -1940) American illustrator, art teacher, collector of Native American artifacts, and amateur anthropologist.

His work with the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana is probably his greatest achievement.  From 1893 through 1930, Charles H. Stephens collected more than 100 Blackfeet artifacts and related material.  In 1891, he spent three months living with the Blackfeet tribe.  He photographed and painted their daily life, and kept a journal of sketches detailing artifacts, rituals, and individual sketches.  It is an impressive collection, revealing early life on the Reservation.  Named the Charles H. Stephens Collection, it is now housed at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. 

"This is a terrible piece of work"

"Good! Tetzcatlgo to the Alamo"
"Heap Dollar," remarked Red Wolf

"Ugh!"screeched the comanche...and he sank into the grass.

In rode the very airy caprain of Lancers

A dark, stern, terrible shape half rose from a couch.


The springing of the trap.

"Throw up your hands!"

"What is it? Who?"

"He uttered but one yell as he pitched forward to the earth."

"You shall not escape me."