Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Comic Panel 1981

Panel from a unfinished Comic many years ago...

Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010


Scraperboard, 20 x 21 cm

Schabkarton, 20 x 21 cm

Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

Themistokles von Eckenbrecher 1842 - 1921

German landscaper and marine painter.

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010


Commercial work for the NZZ-Folio magazine.

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Planet of Apes (1977)

Frazetta was a great inspiration for me in my younger days!
Pen and ink works like this (1977) I have draw for german
fanzines. The other two Girls are from 1982 and 1978.
Not masterpieces, but I dont want missing my old works
in my art maps from this passing time!

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Frank Frazetta 1928 - 2010

This day died Frank Frazetta in the age of 82 years.

Heute ist mein grosses Vorbild Frank Frazetta gestorben. Er wird in der überragenden Qualität (=Lebendigkeit) seiner Werke unsterblich bleiben!

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1836-1912

Violet and yellow, green and red are the complementary
colors in this two work examples of Tadema. He was a
master of the limited palet and the white color plays a big
part in his art. His figures have brightly shadows (not like in reality).

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

Louis Moe - One of the best!

It's incredible: Nobody, no editors in this world print a new
artbook about the very famous and talented Louis Moe!!!!!
I dont wrily not understand this situation, can not believe it.
Links: Here and here.