Samstag, 23. September 2017

Pony Tracks written and illustrated by Frederic Remington, 1st part

Frederic Remington was born 1861, in Canton, New York. He attended the art school at Yale Unversity, but dropped out when his father died, and soon went to Kansas City. He married  Eva Caten in 1884 and after trying the frontier life, moved back to Brooklyn. He began to submit illustrations, sketches, and othervworks with western themes for publication.  Much of his early work appeared in Collier's and Harper's. His technical ability  meant he could reproduce the physical beauty of the west, and his insight into the heroic nature of American settlers made him possibly America's greatest western artist.

 Pony Tracks was originally published NY: Harper, 1895.

 The last stand

 General Miles and his escort

 The supply train

 United State Cavalry in winter rig

 United State Infantry in winter rig

 Chis-Chis-Chash Scout on the flanks

 "Two ghosts I saw"

 Watching the dust of the hostiles

The Hotchkiss Gun

 A run to the scout camp

In the trenches

 The advance garde - a military sacrifice

 The Hacienda San José de Bavicora

 El Patron

 The Administrador of San José de Bavicora

 A Hair-cut à la Puncher

 The music at the "Baile"

Coming to the Rodeo

 Waving Serape to drive cattle

 Tailing a bull

 Johnnie Bell of Los Ojos

 William in action

Mounting a wild one

 A modern Sancho Banza

 My comrade

 On the mountains

Thze Casa Camadra

Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

John D. Batten: Illustrations to THE BOOK OF WONDER VOYAGES

 John Dickson Batten (8 October 1860 – 5 August 1932), born in Plymouth, Devon, was an English painter of figures in oils, tempera and fresco and a book illustrator and printmaker.

Thetis saves the Argonauts from Scylla

 Phrixus and Helle 

 Aeson and Jason

 Chiron's farewell to the Argonauts

 The chase of the Harpies

 Ther crop of the dragon's teeth

 Circe and Medea

 The beguiling of Talus

 The giant ants

 The monster of the feats

 The red hot swine

 The mill of grudging

 The Queen of the magic clew

 The great bird

 The Persian and Hasan

 The Persian sews up Hasan

 The flight of the swan maidens

 Hasan's wife carries off her children

 The Shaykh Abu Al-Ruwaysh

 The King and Manar Al-Sana

 Hasan rejoins his wife

 Shawahi on the jar

 Thorkill and the serpent

The horn-snouted giants