Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018

Aschenputtel gezeichnet von Adolf Münzer

Adolf Münzer (geboren 1870 in Pleß, Oberschlesien; gestorben 1953 in Landsberg am Lech; vollständiger Name: Adolf Franz Theodor Münzer) war ein deutscher Maler und Grafiker.
In seinen Grafiken kam ein erzählender Stil zum Ausdruck. Bekannt wurden unter anderem seine Märchen-Illustrationen für den Verlag Scholz in Mainz. Adolf Münzer war Mitglied im Deutschen Künstlerbund.  (Wikipedia)

Adolf Münzer 1910

Scholz' Künstler-Bilderbücher

Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2018

Edwin John Prittie: Illustrations to MARY FRANCIS STORY BOOK, 1st part

Edwin John Prittie (1879-1963): American Illustrator

Edwin John Prittie; taken May 16, 1909

From 1901 to 1942 he illustrated many children’s classics for the John C. Winston publishing company of Philadelphia. 
 Mary Francis Story Book; Fryer 1921
Alice in Wonderland 1923
Robin Hood; Harvey 1923
The Bible Stories Book; Fryer 1924
Grimm’s Fairy Tales 1924
Story of a Bad Boy; Aldrich 1927
Black Beauty; Sewell 1927
The Little Lame Prince/Adventures of a Brownie; Mulock 1928
Wings of Flame; Egan 1929
The Nurnberg Stove; De La Ramee 1929
Joan of Arc; Holmes 1930
Gulliver’s Travels 1930
Betsy Ross – Quaker Rebel; 1932

He ended his illustrating career as the primary artist on Gum Inc.’s “Horrors of War” and “Lone Ranger” chewing gum card sets 1938-1942.

Horrors of War
 Twenty naked Chinese nationalists
 charged Japanese positions

 Bomb kills passengers on
Shanghai Trolley

 Panay Machine
Gunners Fight Back

 Human Hands Warn Newspaper

Chiang Kai-Shek
Commanding His Troops

The Horrors Of War series was complete by the end of 1938.

The “Lone Ranger” series, published in 1940, comprised 48 cards. This was one of the most
famous chewing gum card sets ever printed, and its artistry has been highly praised by
collectors. The images look more like quality book illustrations than trading card art, and
bear obvious stylistic markers to Prittie (with Remington influence).

 The Underground River

 A Piece of Gingham

“The Lone Ranger Rescues Joan at the Pit” (from large-sized “premium” card)

A silver bullet stops a hanging

Mary Francis Story Book