Mittwoch, 29. August 2018

Bilder von Moritz Kennel in Sammelbilderalben, 2.Teil

Der Schneider mit der Holznadel
 Man beweinte ihn.

 Er konnte Mundharmonika spielen

 "Geh unter die Brücke"

 Wassernixe tauchten auf

 Sie schwammen dem Meere zu

 "Wir werden tauchen"

 Ein Schwertfisch mit einer Lanze

 Der Oberküchenmeister

 Die Könige der drei Ozeane

 Der Bauch platzte ihm

 Der Koch dankt Tobi

Der Sack war schwer

Samstag, 25. August 2018

THE THREE MULLA-MULGARS illustrated by Dorothy P. Lathrop

Dorothy Pulis Lathrop  (1891 - 1980) was one of the most influential and important illustrators of children's books in the thirties and forties. 

"Oh, but if I might but hold it in my hand one moment, I think that I should never even sigh again!"

 The queen of the mountains is in the forest...with fingers of frost.

 The wonderstone

 Nod was never left alone.

 He jumoed, he reared, he kicked, he plunged, he wriggled, he whinnied.

 Nod danced the Jaqquas'war-dance...stooping and croocked, ...wriggle and stamp.

 He felt a sudden darkness above his head, and a cold terror crept over his skin.

 With sticks and staves and flaring torches they turned on the fierce birds that came sweeping and swirling out of the dark.

 "What is it, brother? Why do you crouch and stare?"

 For there...stood as if frozen in the moonlight the monstrous silver-haired meermuts of mulgar-meerez , garding the enchanted orchards of Tishnar.

 They feasted on fruits they never before had tasted nor knew to grow on earth.

 ...a Mulgar of a presence and strangeness, who was without doubt of the Kingdom Assasimmon.