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Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales with illustrations by Willy Pogany, last part

Turkish fairy tales are as crystal, reflecting the sun's rays in a thousand
dazzling colours;  clear as a cloudless sky; and transparent like the dew
upon a budding rose. In short, Turkish fairy tales are not the stories
of the Thousand and One Nights, but of the Thousand and One Days.
Ignácz Kúnos

He slid stealthily into Padishah’s bed-chamber. From where he hid he had a good view of the interior,  and saw the Padishah lying in bed; a slave was chafing his feet and chewing raisin.

It was night when they arrived, and the old woman had just eaten a good supper.
" We are in nice time for a feed," said the lame mouse, as they entered the room. They ate their fill, and awaited an opportunity to accomplish their object. When the old woman had gone to bed they waited patiently until she was fast asleep. Then the lame mouse climbed upon the bed and tickled the old woman's nose with his tail until she sneezed so violently that her head nearly fell from her body. While this was happening the other mice dislodged the mirror from under the pillow ; after which they took the lame mouse on their backs again and scurried away.

The girl now went to a peasant and said : " Peasant, give me straw, that I may give it to the ox, who will give me a hide, that I may take it to the tanner, who will give me leather, that I may give it to the shoemaker, who will give me shoes, that I may give them to the merchant, who will give me incense, that I may burn it before Allah, who will send rain to the farmer, who will give me barley, that I may give it to the stork, who will give me back the liver, that I may take it to my mother."
How could the peasant refuse? "I will give thee straw if thou wilt kiss me," said he.
The girl concluded that she must kiss the peasant if she would attain her object. So she kissed him and received the price.

Indefatigably the boy travelled, and in due time reached the valley where his mother had once spent the night in a tree. Here he stopped, and at the foot of the tree sought the rest that had long been denied him.While he slept, the brother of the dead dragon, having heard what had
happened, came in search of the boy. The monster's heavy strides caused the earth to tremble and awoke the youth. " I am certain you are the youth who has killed my brother," began the dragon. " Now it is my turn." Saying this, with jaws foaming and fire issuing from his nostrils, he sprang upon the lad. In self-defence the youth grasped the dragon's fore-leg, using such strength that he tore it from the body and flung it away. Then the dragon sank down weakening from loss of blood, saying: "To him who has taken my life belongs my treasure." The unwieldy beast rolled over and over and finally disappeared into a cavern at the foot of a mountain

All at once he saw in the distance what seemed like a great army drawn up in battle array. Not knowing whether they were enemies or friends, he hesitated about proceeding, but at length resolved to go forward and take his chance. On approaching the army he was surprised to find it was composed of dragons of all sizes, the smallest, however, being as large as a camel. " Woe is me ! " he groaned ,- " who knows but what I thought a dream was sorcery ! What shall I do now ? If I go forward I shall certainly be cut to pieces, and I cannot go back without being seen." He prayed to Allah for deliverance from this danger which threatened him.

Before leaving her the Arab said : "When thou art weary, take a walk in the garden." So when
all her work was finished, the maiden went into the garden. Here, floating on a pond, she saw a duck whose wings and head were of diamonds. No sooner did the duck espy the maiden than it shrieked aloud :" O thou shameless one ! Art thou come to take away my Shahzada ? " Its wings flapped so furiously that one of them broke off. Alarmed, the maiden cried : " O woe is me ! Why did I come here ? When the Dew-father sees what has happened he will surely kill me!" and ran back into the palace.


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