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Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales with illustrations by Willy Pogany , 2nd part

In the evening the witch came home and saw that both her daughter-in-law and son were missing. "The wretches have abandoned me ! " she shrieked, and calling her witch-sister
to her, she sent her to follow the fugitives and bring them back. The second witch got into a bowl, made a whip out of snakes, and was off like a lightning-flash. But the Dewson, seeing his aunt behind them in the distance, gave the maiden a light blow and changed her into a
swimming-bath. He transformed himself into a bath attendant, and stood before the door. The witch came up, alighted from the bowl, and inquired of him whether he had seen a youth and a maiden. " I am just warming the bath," answered the youth ,- " there is no one in ,- if you do
not believe me, go in and see for yourself" The woman, perceiving she could do nothing with him, re-entered the bowl, went back to her sister, and reported the failure of her errand.

The elder took the younger by the scruff of his neck and shook him violently. While reflecting what he should do further he saw three horsemen riding along the road. In their fright the brothers thought the cavaliers were pursuing them, and anxious to escape they climbed up a tree, carrying the door with them. As it was already dark they were not discovered. Mahomet reflected that they were lucky to have escaped with their lives, and in this grateful frame of mind he let the door fall on the head of one of the cavaliers who was just passing beneath.
The rider whom it struck put spurs to his horse and galloped quickly away with the cry: "Mercy on us ! It is the end of the world !"

Next day the youth set out and soon came in sight of an immense palace which had neither doors nor chimneys. This was the home of the Storm Fiend. His wife was sitting by the window, and on seeing him she sprang down crying : " Woe, my Sultan !" The Prince embraced her, and of his joy and her tears there was no end until the Princess remembered the cruel Dew. " He fell asleep three days ago," said she. " Let us hasten away from here before his forty days' sleep is ended."

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