Donnerstag, 8. April 2021

Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice illustrated by Hugh Thomson, 2nd Part




Offended two or three young ladies

Will you come and see me

On the stairs

At the door

In conversation with the ladies

Lady Catherine, said she, you have given me a treasure.

He never failed to inform them.

The gentlemen accomplained him

At Church

Accompanied by their aunt

On looking up

Hearing herself called

Meeting accidentely in town

His parting obeisance


The elevation of his feelings

They had forgotten to have any message

How nicely we are crammed in

I am determined never to speak of it again

When Colonel Miller's regiment went away

Tenderly flirting

The arrival of the Pardiners

Conjecturing as to the date

To make herself agreeable to all

Engaged by the river

I have not an instant to lose

The first pleasing earnest of their welcome

The Post

To whom I have related the affair

But perhaps you would like to read it

The spiteful old ladies

With an affectionate smile

I am sure she did not listen

Mr. Darcy with him

Jane happende to look round

Mrs. Long and her nieces

Lizzy my dear I want to speak to you

After a short survey

But now it comes out

The efforts of his aunt

Unable to utter a syllable

The obsequious civility

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