Freitag, 16. Februar 2018

"The Great Sea-Horse" by Isabel Anderson, illustrated by John Elliott, 2nd part

Young Neptune
He was very brave and strong ... and battled with the gteat octopus.

Betty and the Sea Fairy
Next she hitched the mouse to  a seashell for a carriage.

Whistling Bob and his Wicked Cat
"Cat", cried the whitch, stamping her feet, "you too my keep your name and continue to mew."

The Bold Sea Dwarfs
I saw something on the bowsprit that looked like a grinning dwarf.

I was sitting on a cockle-shell, gliding over the surface of the water.

Justice  Whisker's Trial
 He took his seat on a large tomato, which served as a cushion to the throne.

Old Man of the Sea's Ransom
First they stuffed his noisy trumpets.

So it came about that a new and beautiful island reache the light. 


  The Fairy Admiral
The little ship grounded among the long grasses....of the Island of the Flower Fairies

Just then the nixie of the fountain showed her beutiful head.
The laughing wind fairies were filling their cheeks and blowing the humming-bird stright out to the open ocean.


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