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Robinson Crusoe illustrated by N.C. Wyeth

The first edition of Robinson Crusoe illustrated with 13 full color pictures by N.C. Wyeth appeared 1920.

Picture for the book cover

This picture for the dust cover was used for many editions.

For a mile, or thereabuts, my raft went very well -

My father, a wise and grave man, gave me serious and excellent counsel against what he foresaw was my design.

- and making it into a great cross, I set it up on the shore where I first landed -

All this while I sat upon the ground, very much terrified and dejected.

In the morning I took the Bible; and beginning at the New Testament, I began seriously to read it.

I reaped it my way, for I cut nothing off but the ears, and carried it away in a great basket which I had made.

- and thus I every now and then  took a little voyage upon the sea.

I stood like one thunderstruck, or as if I had an apparition.

I laid me down flat on my belly on the ground, and began to look for the place.

- and then he kneeled down again, kissed the ground, and taking me by the foot, set my foot upon his head.

- we cut and hewed the outside into the shape of a boat.

- and no sooner had he the arms in his hands but, as if they had put new vigor into him, he flew upon his murderers like a fury.

At first, for some time, I was not able to answer him one word; but as he had taken me in his arms,  I held fast by him, or I should have fallen to the ground.


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