Freitag, 16. September 2016

Twenty-two Goblins by Arthur W. Ryder illustrated by Perham W. Nahl

Perham Wilhelm Nahl also known as Perham Nahl (January 11, 1869 – April 9, 1935) was an American printmaker, painter, illustrator and an arts educator active in Northern California.

Love cluster...stood at her lattice window.

They took her body to the cemetery an burned it.

The trush suddenly became a goddess.

Trusty worshipped the goddess and bravely saluted her.

The giant came out in anger and the brave man fought with him.

"Do nothing rash, my daughter, leave the rope alone."

Good sank into the ocean, and when he looked about he saw a wonderful city.

The brothers went to the ocean, and there they found a turtle.

"I understand the cries of all beasts and birds."

She gradually recovered consciousness.

When he saw that she was saved, the king cried "Come, come to me!"

The summer came on him like a lion.

With a turn of the wrist he sent the dagger flying from the chief's hand.

An elephant came by, crushing the people in his path.

He climbed the rock of sacrifice, eager to give his life for another.

"Shall I go into the fire or go home?"

The giant laughed aloud, spit fire in his wrath, and showed his dreadful fangs.

A merchant named Fortune, richer than the God of Wealth.

The lion arouse and killed his four creators.

He comforted her and  soothed her with tender words.


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