Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Arthur C Michael: Illustrations for books by H.Rider Haggard

Arthur C. Michael was a British painter, etcher and illustrator, usually said to have been active between 1903 and 1928.
I am surprised that neither the date of his birth nor the date of his death can be found in the Web. What one can only find are the books which he illustrated. Some examples: The Ghost Kings by H. Rider Haggard (1908), The War in the Air by H. G. Wells (1908), Empire of the World by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne (1910), The Lame Englishman and The Rust of Rome by Warwick Deeping (both 1910),  A Christmas Carol by Dickens (1911), Round the World in Seven Days by Herbert Strang (1911), A Window in Thrums by J. M. Barrie (1911), King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard (1912) and The Ivory Child by H. Rider Haggard (1916), amongst others.

H.Rider Haggard: Child of Storm


H.Rider Haggard: The Ghost Kings


H. Rider Haggard: Marie


H. Rider Haggard: The Yellow God

H.Rider Haggard: The Ivory Child

H.Rider Haggard: Red Eve



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