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The Ingoldsby Legends by Thomas Ingoldsby illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 2nd part

Gaily the Lord Abbot smiled

 Into the bottomless pit he fell slap

1898, 1930

The Lady Rohes
 in the pantry was the holy man discovered, - at his devotions


1898, 1930

The Tragedy

The Duchess shed tears large as marrow-fat peas (1907)

1898, 1930


1898, 1930

Hon. Mr. Suckletthumbkin's Story
The Execution

Which made all the pions Church-mission folks squall

 Some Account of a New Play

 He bounced up and down (1907)

 1898, 1930

He rescued  a maid from the dey of Algiers

1898, 1930 

"O Lord," he thought, "What pain it was to drown!"

The Black Mousquetaire
A Legend of France


1898, 1930

Grandville acted on it, and order'd  his tandem

Sir Rupert the Fearless
A Legend of Germany

They'd such very odd heads and such veryodd tails (1907)

 1898, 1930

They came floating about him like so many prawns (1907)

 1898, 1930

Miss Una von  - something

In an oak tree...she hung, crying and screaming (1907)

1898, 1930

The Merchant of Venice
A Legend of Italy

 They heard somebody crying, "Old Clo'!"

 The Auto-da-fé

A Legend of Spain


1898, 1930

The monks and then the nuns in the dead of the night tumble, all of them, out of their beds in affright (1907)

 1898, 1930

Nell Cook!!
A Legend of the "Dark Entry"

He puts his thumb unto his nose, and he spreads his fingers out!

 Throughout that Entry dark doeth roam Nell Cook's unquiet Sprite (1907)

Tail-piece - Nell Cook

Nursery Reminiscences

Squibb'd my pantaloons and stockings (1907)

Gave me - several flaps behind

Ant Fanny
A Legend of a Shirt

 Cornet Jones of Tenth Hussars

"Ads cuss it! I've spoiled myself now by that 'ere nasty gusset!"

Misadventures at Margate

A legend of Jarvis's Jetty

Twas in Margate last July, I walked upon the pier (1907)

 I took him home to No. 2 (1898, 1930)

The Smuggler's Leap
A Legend of Thanet

 It's very odd that Sailor-men should wear those things so loose (1907)

Bloudie Jacke of Shrewsberrie
The Shropshire Bluebeard
A Legend of "The Proud Salopians"

 With iron it's plated and machecollated, to pour boiling oil and lead down;
how you'd frown should aladle-fullfall on your crown  (1907)

1898, 1930

 Till  "Battle-Field" swarms like a Fair

The Babes in the Wood; or the Norfolk Tragedy
An Old Song to a New Tune

 The two Misses Tickler of Clapham Rise!

 Wandering about and "Boo-hoo"- ing (1907)

 1898, 1930

Or making their court to their polls and their sues (1907)

1898, 1930

Tail -piece - the dead drummer

The Lay of St Cuthbert; or, the
Devil's Dinner-Party
A legend of the North Countree

The horn...Was blown with a loud twenty-trumpeter power (1907)

 1898, 1930

The Lay of St. Aloys
A Legend of Blois

Witches and warlocks, ghosts, goblins and ghouls (1907)

1898, 1930

Bid the bandy-legges sexton go run for the May'r!

The Lay of the Old Woman Clothed in Grey
A Legend of Dover

An "Old Woman clothed in gray"

Made one grasshopper spring to the door - and was gone! (1907)

1898, 1930 

 He enlarged so, his shape seem'd approaching a sphere

Saint Medard
A Legend of Afric

St Medard dwelt on the banks of the Nile
The Lord of Toulouse
A Legend Of Languedoc

In the midst sits the Doctor

The Wedding-Day
Or, the Buccaneer's Curse

The soapy-tailed Sow

The Squire

The Blasphemer's Warning

A Lay of St Romwold

They dash'd up the hills, and they dash'd down the dales

 There were peacocks served up in their pride
1898, 1930

A  tom-cat of Sir Alured Denne's (1898, 1930)
The Brothers of Birchington
A Lay of St Tomas à Becket

They dragg'd the great fishpond the little one tried;
But found nothing at all, save some carp which they fried (1907)

1898, 1930

Ledger in hand, straight "Auld Hornie" appears

The Knight and the Lady
A Domestic Legend of the Reign of Queen Anne

Sir Thomas her lord was stout of limb (1907)

1898, 1930

 Tail -piece - The Knight and the Lady

The House Warming!!
A Legend of Bleeding Heart Yard
Did you ever see the devil dance? - Old Query

Sir Christopher Hatton he danced with grace

A grand pas de deux performed in the very first style by these two (1907)

1898, 1930

Jerry Jarvis's Wig
A Legend of the Weald of Kent

His first thought was to throw it into the pig-stye

When a score of ewes had brought in a reasonable profit (1907)

1898, 1930

We carved her initials

As I laye a-thynkynge, he rode upon his way

 Endpapers 1930

 Bookcover 1907

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