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The Book of Romance illustrated by Henry Justice Ford

A few words may therefore be said about the Romances contained in this book. In the editor's opinion, romances are only fairy tales grown up. The whole mass of the plot and incident of romance was invented by nobody knows who, nobody knows when, nobody knows where.
Thus the romances are a mixture of popular tales, of literary invention, and of history as transmitted in legend. To the charm of fairy tale they add the fascination of the age of chivalry, yet I am not sure but that children will prefer the fairy tale pure and simple, nor am I sure that their taste would be wrong, if they did. (Andrew Lang)


The Drawing of the Sword

The Questing Beast

The Sword Excalibur

The Story of Sir Balin

The Passing of Merlin

How Morgan Le Fay tried to kill King Arthur

What Beaumains asked of the King

The Quest of the Holy Graal
The Adventure of Sir Galahad

How Sir Lancelot saw a vision, and repented of his sins

 The adventure of Sir Percivale

The adventure of Sir Bors

The fight for the Queen

Lancelot and Guenevere

The end of it all

The Battle of Roncevalles

The Pursuit of Diarmid

Some Adventures of William Short Nose

Wayland the Smith

The Story of Robin Hood

The Story of Grettir the Strong

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