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Charlotte Harding, American Illustrator

Charlotte Harding (1873-1951) was the fourth of the young Philadelphia women to come from the early [Howard Pyle] Drexel classes. She, too, had the decorative bent and indulged it with more freedom and daring than most. She searched out many an unhackneyed rythym in her pictures -- strange shapes and patterns delighted her and she worked out new ways of seeing the humdrum world. Unforttunately, her strong sense of originality was handicapped by poor health.

    Eva March Tappan's Robin Hood, His Book,  illustrated by Charlotte Harding,  was published 1903 by Little, Brown & Company, Boston


Another example of a book illustrated by Charlotte Harding;
Daughters of Desperation was published in 1903.
Regarding the pictures it is obvious that the artist has a special liking for extended shadows.

The Century Magazine for May 1903 entitled Athletics for College Girls, pictures by Charlotte Harding

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