Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

Constantinople painted by Warwick Goble, Part 1.

Two weeks ago we presented the illustrations of Warwick Goble's The Book of Fairy Poetry. Constantinople painted by the same artist shows a quite another side of his ability. The first edition was published by A. & C. Black, London, 1906.

A Turkish Lady in Out-Door Dress

The Quay in Galata

Galata from the Aqueduct of Valens

Stamboul  Beggar

Gypsy Basket-Maker

 A Step Street in Galata

A Flower-Market, Scutari

The Galata Bridge

 A Cemetery by the Bosporus

A Kefedji

 Golden Horn from the Bristish Hospital, Galata

Street Scene, Clay Works

Street Scene, Stamboul

A Village Store at Kavak

Galata Tower from the Bridge

Refugee Huts on the Marmora

 Turkish Delight Factory



Fruit-Market, Stamboul

Carpet Warehouse

Shoemaker, Stamboul

Street Scene, Roumeli Hissar

 Grand Bazaar, Stamboul

A Blacksmith's Shop

Seraglio Point from "The Stones"

The Seraglio Lighthouse and Scutari

 Interior of the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed I.

Prinkipo (Princes Islands)

Golden Horn, early Morning

The Bridge from Galata

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