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Japhet in Search of a Father by Captain Marryat illustrated by Henry M. Brock


 Henry Matthew Brock (11 July 1875 – 21 July 1960) was a British illustrator and landscape painter of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He was one of four artist brothers, all of them illustrators, who worked together in their family studio in Cambridge.

Scrutinising my person.

Passengers would stop to look in.

Great was the concussion.

The bull made one or two attempts to leap the counter.

You are welcome.

Tim threw a somerset.

The Great Aristodemus made his appearance.

Stood upon his saddle and harangued the people.

The master ventured to observe.

I threw myself on a chair.

No longer controlling his anger.

Her mistress praised her docility and application.

If I lose, I shall never fay you.

"Let me go", roared I

I stood behind her, carefully examiniing them.

I requested Mr. Osborn to drop the handkerchief.

With his hand clasped in mine he gradually sank.

I was ushered into the drawing-room.

They had been consulting how this should be done.

My companions were all in repose.

Mr. O'Donaghan pulled on his gloves.

"What is your name!" said I.

She put some salve upon the wounds and bound them up.

The maid-servant to whom he paid his addresses.

My child! my lomg-lost child!

Harcourt fell with a bullet above his knee.

He flew out and fell down the stairs!

Four people burst through the hedge and surrounded me.

I was placed in the dock.

She was sitting close to the light and reading.

I knew not what answer to give.

He ran out of the door, and read the name over the shop.

I became a great politician.

Asked me whether the spirit did not move me to get down.

Mr. Masterton resumed the subject.

I heard a light footstep behind me.

I fold my arms and looked my father steadfastly in the face.

The dress naturally drew upon her the casual glance of the passengers.

We were in each other's arms.

The bull singled him out.

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