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The Life of the Railroad Man illustrated by William Dodge Stevens

William Dodge Stevens was born September 13, 1870 in Tidioute, Pennsylvania. His father, Captain William Stone Stevens, was born in 1839 in Boston, Massachusetts.
In 1889, at the age of nineteen, William Dodge Stevens moved to Chicago to attend the Chicago Art Institute of Chicago. His two most influential art teachers were J. H. Vanderpoel and O. D. Grover. The young artist lived at the Colonial Hotel. In 1892 He completed his art studies and began to work as a staff artist in busy advertising industry of Chicago.

William Dodge Stevens illustrated Cosmopolitan, Ladies' World, McClure's Magazine, Woman's Home Companion, The Saturday Evening Post, Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Monthly.


 "Hey! Hey! You there,  Dominie, Parson! ...What kind of signal is that ye're givin'me?"
 "I delighted in catching and riding in the most swiftly flying cars."

 "...Became an expert at making quick couplings and flying switches."

 "I felt a life-giving relief as I fell fainting, but thankful, into the arms of the boys."

 "I watch that grimy left hand on thr throttle, for the preliminary swelling of the muscles."

 "Her engineer shouted something that we couldn't catch...Tom replied: '^Go ahead, Sonny; you're alright.'"

 "Thr lokomotives reared up like horses, the cars shoved their tenders under them in  such a way as to ...raise the bridge off its abutements; ...and then...a belated gravel train came...and plumped in on top of us."

"It wasn't  long before I had crawled under the truck,...and was making fairly good progress...in the direction of the ray of light..."

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