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HARRY G. TTHEAKER: Illustrations to The Adventures of Don Quixote, 1. Part

Harry George Theaker (1873 - 1954) was a British illustrator, painter, designer, decorator for pottery, calligrapher, and principal of art school.


His imagination was full of all that he read; of enchantments, contests, battles, challenges, and impossible absurdities.

 Don Quixote rushed on as fast as Rosinante could gallop, and attacked the first mill bedore him.

 In a neighbouring village resided a good-looking peasant girl called Aldonza Lörenza.

 They were surprised at so singular  a kind of madness.

 He raised his hand and gave him a good blow on the neck, and, alter that, a handsome stroke over his shoulders, with his own sword.

 Endeavouring to rise, but in vain; so encumbered was he with his lance, target, spurs and armour.

 Don Quixote was so cruelly beaten and bruised that he could scarely keep himself upon the ass.

They carried him directly to his bedroom.

The housekeeper set fire to, and burnt, all the books.

 There appeared on the road rwo monks of the order of St. Bebedict.

 Be pleased, my lord Don Quixote, to bestow upon me the government of that island.

The Biscayan was so stunned that he could not answer.

 The first who came to his senses was Sancho Panza.

Believe me, beauteous lady, you may esteem yourself fortunate in having entertained me in this your castle.

 They began to toss him aloft.

 Don Quixote darted down the hillock likeb lightning.

 Ho, knights, whoever you are, halt and give me an account of yourselves.

In this position they passed the night.

Defend thyself, caitiff! or instanrly surrender what is justly my due!

The knight was mounted on his good Rosinante, and the squire on his trusty Dapple.

Many stones came against him with such force that they brought him to the ground.

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