Dienstag, 26. September 2017

Pony Tracks written and illustrated by Frederic Remington, 2nd part

 Shooting in the Sierra Madre

 The Indian's story

 The cliff-dwellings

 The portage


 The Fawn

 Breaking a jam

 Hung up

 A Coachero

 The start

 Morning toilet

 Harnessing mules

  A Dakota Chicken-Wagon

 On the edge of a slough

 A conference in the mud

 "Don't shoot!"

 "Mark - left"

 Burgess, nearly forty-five years a scout

 The Bell-Mare over a bad place

 Down the mountain

 Getting grub

 Working up the divide

 Burgess finding a ford

 General Guy V. Henry, Seventh United States Cavalry

 Riding sitting on legs

 "We were now out of the smoke"

 Officer and men - first Cycle Infantry

 The toast: "Merry Christmas!"

 "Do you think this pony is going to buck?"

 Dan and Rocks

 A dangerous place

 "Gone away"

 Timber-topping in the Rockies

The bear at bay

 The finale

The return of the hunters

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