Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Shakespeare's Hamlet decorated by John Austen, Act I

From the Publisher
John Austen, along with such notable figures as Kay Nielsen and Harry Clarke, was one of the many young illustrators who fell under the influence of Aubrey Beardsley from 1900 onwards. Austen's early work, considered by many his strongest, culminated in the 1922 publication of Hamlet, which won him wide acclaim. One finds here a diverse mixture of styles, as well as indications of a new direction to his art. The vacillations of the Prince of  Denmark, the treachery of a king and corruption of a queen, the madness of  Ophelia, their country's disjointed time - here is  Shakespeare's supreme dramatic play joined with Austen's rich and evocative assemblage of black & white full-page illustrations, vignettes and tailpieces. The effect is unforgettable, and serves to make this the outstanding illustrated edition of Hamlet currently available.
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark was originally published by Selwyn & Blount, London, in 1922

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