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ONCE UPON A TIME illustrated by Harry George Theaker

Harry George Theaker (1873 - 1954) was a British illustrator, painter, designer, decorator for pottery, calligrapher, and principal of art school.
He was a successful illustrator, particularly of children's books. His first known published works date from about 1911, and most of his illustrations date from the 1920s and 1930s. Amongst the books he illustrated are The Ingoldsby Legends by Sir Thomas Ingoldsby, London, 1911; Children's Stories from The Arabian Nights, by Rose Yeatman Woolf, 1914 (and later editions); The Adventures of Don Quixote, c.1920 and 1929; Gulliver's Travels, 1928; The Water Babies, 1930; Grimm's Fairy Tales, 1930; Stories of King Arthur, 1925 and Long, long ago: stories from the classics both retold by Blanche Winder, the latter probably in the 1930s . Theaker also made hand-coloured plates from Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations to Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass for editions published between 1911 and 1930. (This record includes information submitted by Cathy Corbett.)

 Into the ocean Jupiter plunged, and away he swam

Her name was Diana
 The wonderful baby struck the silver strings

The wood-nymphs who danced in the sunlight and the moonlight

For a moment Narcissus gazed delighted

As Proserpine danced a great King watched her

Proserpine sitting on a great black throne

A little, sweet, soft breeze lifted Psyche on its fragrant wings

The fairy Prince was no other than Cupid himself

Away sailed Danae and her little son

Perseus struck off the Gorgon's head with a single blow

Cerberus, a terrible dog with three heads


 A beautiful youth in a wonderful car drawn by wild beasts

Hero ran down to the beach

 There lay the sword and sandals

Up sprang Icarus

They suddenly caught sight of poor, lost, weeping Aradne

 The monster came swimming through the sea

 This extraordinary baby caught the snakes and strangled them

Hercules rushed towards the monster

It was Juno herself he had carried across the stream

Orpheus tried to catch it in his arms

Pandora could restrain herself no longer

There in the silence of the woods Medea would stand

Jason sowed the dragon's teeth

Midas was not able to keep the secret from his barber

Prometheus chained to a rock

Atalanta saw it fall

They were inhabited by beautiful maidens

Out of the ground leapt a beautiful horse

It was a huge wooden horse

He gave the apple to Venus

She held him by one heel

Penelope did her best to bring up her little son

Sea-fairies heap silver dishes with fragrant fruits

The Cyclops glared at them out of his huge eye

Circe had turned them all into pigs

Up through the water came the Sea-King

Ulysses watched the nobles

The silver-winged horse swept downward

Down, down Phaeton fell

Life came into her beautiful face

She saw a queer old woman

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