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Warwick Goble Illustrations for Folk-Tales of Bengal

We have already shown several books illustrated by Warwick Goble. Here, an other beautiful work by Warwick Goble!

In my Peasant Life in Bengal I make the peasant boy Govinda spend some hours every evening in listening to stories told by an old woman, who was called Sambhu's mother, and who was the best story-teller in the village. On reading that passage. Captain R. C. Temple, of the Bengal Staff Corps, son of the distinguished Indian administrator Sir Richard Temple, wrote to me to say how interesting it would be to get a collection of those unwritten stories which old women in India recite to little children in the evenings, and to ask whether I could not make such a collection. (Lal Behari Day).

 She rushed out of the palace ... and came to the upper world.

 The Suo queen went to the door with a handful of rice

The prince revived, and, walking about, saw a human figure near the gate.

She took up the jewel in her hand, left the palace, and
successfully reached the upper world.

He rushed out of his hiding-place and killed the serpent.

Instead of sweetmeats about a score of demons.

At the door of which stood a lady of exquisite beauty.

In a trice she woke up, sat up in her bed, and eyeing the
stranger, inquired who he was.

The Girl of the Wall-Almirah

On a sudden an elephant gorgeously caparisoned shot across his path.

They then set out on their journey.

A monstrous bird comes out apparently from the palace.

Hundreds of peacocks of gorgeous plumes came to the embankments to eat the khai.

You would adorn the palace of the mightiest sovereign.

He saw a beautiful woman coming out of the palace.

Husband, take up all this large quantity of gold and these precious stones!

They ran away in great fear, leaving behind them the money and jewels.

The camel-driver alighted, tied the camel to a tree on the spot, and began smoking.

How is it that you have returned so soon ? 

At dawn he used to cull flowers in the forest.

The Brahman's wife had occasion to go to the tank, and as she went she brushed by a Sankchinni.

The moment the first stroke was given, a great many ghosts rushed towards the Brahman.

The lady, king, and hiraman all reached the king's capital safe and sound.

What princess ever puts only one ruby in her hair?

Coming up to the surface they climbed into the boat.

The jackal . . . opened his bundle of betel-leaves, put some into his mouth, and began chewing them.

A bright light, like that of the moon, was seen shining on his forehead.

The six queens tried to comfort him.

Now, barber, I am going to destroy you. Who will protect you?

They approached a magnificent pile of buildings.

Thus the princess was deserted.

When she got out of the water, what a change was seen in her !

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