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The Russian Story Book illustrated by Frank C. Papé

Frank Cheyne Papé (1878 - 1972) was an English artist and book illustrator. He studied at The Slade School of Fine Art, completing his studies circa 1902-04. Papé was married to a fellow Slade student, illustrator Alice Stringer.
Papé's first known work, for E. Clement's Naughty Eric, published in 1902, remains extremely rare. One copy is held by The British Library. An original pen and ink illustration from one of the stories, 'The Magic Stone', has been found in Sussex, England (Wikipedia). 
Papé's next earliest illustrations are found in books for children from around 1908, including The Odyssey and The Pilgrim's Progress. During the second decade of the 20th Century he made extensive contributions to many book titles.

But as he turned away, he saw the
tears of the imprisoned Svyatogor flowing in a crystal
stream through the crevice in the iron-bound casket
on the lonely hills.

As for those bones of the Magic Bird which were
scattered to the winds, as they fell to earth they
became seeds of the blood -red poppy, from the
flowers of which came the first sweet whistling
nightingales who know nothing of the roar of the
lion or the hiss of the serpent.

...and they stayed three years over their task of computation, but at the end of that time they had not finished one tenth of the work. Then they sent a message to Vladimir which ran : "Sell Kiev for parchment and Chernigof for ink, and then we shall perhaps be able to make a beginning of computing the possessions of the young Lord Diuk."

Then she went into the pavilion, where she put off her ambassador's garments and dressed herself
as Vasilissa, placing a coif upon her head to hide her shortened hair. When she came forth Stavr dropped
his harp of maple wood upon the lap of moist Mother Earth, and taking his young wife by her lily-white
hands, he kissed her sugar mouth.

...and sitting in that cavern with his sword across his knees he slowly turned to stone. Cloudfall also became a lifeless statue, and there the two heroic friends sit on, waiting, waiting, waiting for the touch of life which will come when Holy Russia is in direst need and calls aloud in distress for the courage and skill, the patience and the fiery valour of Ilya of Murom the Old Cossack.

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  1. Loooved the colored illustrations! They look like a mix of classic art and art nouveu :) Loved the colors! <3 :)