Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Constantinople painted by Warwick Goble, Part 2.

 Golden Horn

 Suleimaniyeh at Sunrise

Cemetery from Eyoub

 Galata and Stamboul from Eyoub

 Golden Horn after Sunset

 The Walls; the Tower of Isaac Angelus

 Constantinople and Golden Horn from the Cemetery at Eyoub

 View from an old Cemetery

 Market in the Court of the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed I.

 Court of the Suleimaniyeh

 Interior of  S. Sophia

 Interior of S. Sophia, the Sultan's Gallery

 Fountain in S. Sophia

 A Wet Day on the Galata Bridge

 In the Grand Bazaar

 A Fortune-Teller

Street Scene, Top-Khanch

 A Step Street


 Market at Scutari

 Entrance to a Turkish Khan

 Turkish Well, Stamboul

 A Fountain by the Bosporus
 Open Air Café, Stamboul

 Roumeli Hissar

 A Howling Dervish

 A Whirling Dervish

 Tomb in Scutari

 The Sweet Waters of Europe

 The Yashmak

The Sweet Waters of Asia

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  1. I am in awe by the beautiful colors he use... very well balanced, also beautiful lighting!