Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Vahine - Portfolio *ArcadianFantasies*

Sketch of a polynesian beauty
for the limited edition of my new portfolio


  1. Very beautiful sketch! I saw the previous one as well. both beautiful girls and very sensual! Did you use titan pencil?

  2. Thank you Isis :-).
    You mean Titan "Lyra" graphit pencils, I think ?
    No, not have use this. It's the swiss pencil CaranD'Ache B3 (the grey),
    same good old pencils that we have use in school as kids :-) !
    But I want test this Titan graphit pencils. I have similars like this. For deep black parts they are good, but I think that a work must have a minimum of size if you want to use it too for the details.

    1. Forget to say: For the grey soft parts I have use my fingertips ;-)....

  3. Hi Angelo! Ah, yes I was talking about those! I bought a box set with several categories of Lyra pencils and two titan pencils came included. They have a metallic finish and slide on the paper. They are awesome to sketch and you're right, it needs to be bigger works to have it on the details! :)

    This CaranD'ache B3 I didn't know before. I will google it and learn more about it. The works done with it, your drawings, are very beautiful. I like the soft parts, nice working with your fingertips! I need to take some time and comment more on your other works as well. I also like to see the artworks you post from another artists! All very inspiring :)