Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

F. W. Schultz - Cowboy postcards from 1907

Thanks for the tip to Christoph Roos !
Originaly postet on the blog of Ron Scheer
Buddies in the saddle.


  1. Thanks for sharing these illustrations with your readers. They are from a set of postcards sent to my grandfather and marked "Greetings from Pendleton, Oregon." I have been unable to learn anything about the artist.

    1. Hi Ron
      Have search a bit. At the academy of Munich germany he has not studied. But I have find a other "Fred W. Schultz", born 1859 in Germany. He lifed from 1885-1910 in San Francisco, studied at the "Mark Hopkins Art Institude". The Link is:
      Maybe he is the one you search ?... If yes, let me know !