Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Wilhelm Roegge illustriert Meinrad Lienerts "Schweizer Sagen und Heldengeschichten" (Teil 1)

As a schoolboy I discovered in the little library in the classroom
a very special book. It was written by Meinrad Lienert
and was full of little stories from the Swiss legends.  
Wilhelm Roegges Illustrations stimulated in me the desire  
to be able to draw also as as he. 
That was before the actual fantasy literature conquered the 
German language area. And light years before the invention of the internet ;-) !
In my previous posts, I have endeavored to show more 
about Wilhelm Roegge. Unfortunately, there is only 
little biographical report about him.
His father was a famous academic german painter 
and he had the same name.
"Wilhelm Roegge the Younger" was born on 12  June 1870 
in Munich and died 1946 in Oberaudorf/ Inn, Germany
 Student of Lindenschmit d.J. and
Karl Raupp at the Academy of Arts in Munich.

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