Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Not Like Us - ArtRage

Poverty and corrupt power relations of
irresponsible politicians are the sworn enemies  
of this peaceful giants.  
Homo sapiens (intelligent viable / wise man) called
Us 1758 the scientist Carl von Linné Ideals are difficult to reach.

Painted in ArtRage.

Here are the pencil drawings.
Originally I wanted the group of figures on a small hill
place, before the wide plain of Rwanda. Then I'm looking for a
chose "hidden" and thus more intimate jungle representation.


  1. I love this work, it is so sweet!

  2. Antworten
    1. Hello Pierangelo,
      Well... i also appreciate your realistic virtuosity! for me is enviable indeed. The landscape of the forest, it brings to mind the landscapes of the Hudson River School ... I always loved since I made a research on them and thought transcendentalist in Boston ...
      I love your style of painting, because join, in this case, sweetness and realism. I recognize that the "girls" do not do me much tilin ... although values ​​of technical perfection ...
      greetings from my children's artwork style ...

    2. Dear Karumina,
      Thank you for your feedback. My Lolitas are a byproduct
      and the theme is an excuse for a little painting in oil. And of course I like the feminine beauty!
      And the history of art shows us a long tradition of representing the human body, from the tortured martyr to a sweetish cocotte (Fragonard).
      I am interested in all art styles and have great respect for artists who work differently than I do.
      Also I'm interested in landscape painting as a theme. I am a great admirer of "Robert Zünd", "Calame" and "Bocion".
      All major Swiss landscapist.
      And one of my favorite children's book illustrators is
      "Alois Carigiet".
      One admires and looks around. But ultimately, everyone must seek and find his own way.

    3. Hi Pierangelo,

      Thanks for sharing your painters, not studying in college Swiss painters ... and I see they are perfect!

      I love this painting, realistic and fresh. this scene of gorillas, in your home ... I love the memory of Dian Fossey, in that movie Sigourney Weaver ... and what it meant.

      I, for now, I'm still finding my way ...
      best regards

  3. Seltsamerweise gefällt mir vor allem der Hintergrund. Das Licht auf den Pflanzen sieht aus wie unter Wasser - irgendwie surreal... (da werde ich wiedermal neidisch ;))

    1. Man taucht ja mit jedem Bild von der Realität weg.
      Kennste doch!
      Dazu habe ich immer wieder den selben Musiktitel rauf- und runtergespielt: "El Condor pasa".
      Danke für Deinen Vorbeiflug!!