Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012


Again a little Lolita paintings. 18x27 cm, oil on canvas.
Somewhere in Shanghai? ... maybe a hundred and fifty years ago ...
Vermilion red light, Indian yellow, Naples yellow deep,
Primary yellow Lukas, Madder lake deepest, Raw umber,
Ultramarine deep, Hookers green, Titanium white
and Ivory black (the most using colors...)


  1. Is beautiful, is very exotic! but I think that the hands are "too white" ...

    1. Thanks Karumina. When viewing the original painting I also have about
      thought presented, also noted that the skintone of the hands seems a bit too bright and too cold. I then painted over again and adjusted. But probably not enough. Presumably the proportion of titanium white in post-drying has taken the dominance since very opaque. When photographing still is the problem of calibration in white, so that the difference here seems even bigger than it really is. Must above all the hand holding the subjects I adjust again, more than the other. Karumina You see, life is not so simple after all;-)!

    2. Hi Pierangelo,

      For me, you create true works of art!

      Your mastery of technique gives me envy, healthy, because I have not been able to study drawing in college ... and I realize how limited I am ...

      And if I could, I would buy without hesitation, gorillas painting ...

      Best regards

    3. O, many many thanks, Karumina. That's very friendly from you :-)!
      You know, importand is that you have fun with your self
      and your art. That's the best teacher to continuar your way. The true is, that when I was in my beginings, I was too autodidact and in the artscool (many years later) one of my teachers has say to me that the only thing that he can teach me is to smear with the brush like a little child.Now I can help my granddaughter to paint;-).

  2. Great job again! I love your paintings and the colors you use.