Sonntag, 26. August 2012


The Milchspülersee is located in the canton of Glarus in 2200 m altitude.
I have often looked at him, and one day I would like to paint him.
For me one of the most beautiful mountain lakes. Its blue waters mirroring is unique. 
Of course I was looking for other artists who have painted him yet 
 but it seems that its remote location (an arduous ascent)
the artist has to be prevented from visiting him.
He is also a very challenging subject. The many details do not allow free painting.
20x13 cm, watercolor Moleskine book, Schminke and Winsor & Newton,
White gouache, sepia brown and blue ballpoint ( drawing and shadows),
colored pencils Supracolor.


  1. Mi vista me engañó... pensé en una fotografía... y es tu acuarela terminada!!!


    1. Nada es lo que parece;-)!
      Desde la invención de píxeles / Web tiene una expectativa
      se deslizó en: Uso del zoom.
      Gracias Karumina.