Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Arnold Böcklin self portrait

Among other things, Böcklin was very famous with this self-portrait.
Note the split brush! Symbolism of frailty.
Böcklin listen to the melody of death as a source of inspiration for his art.
I personally believe that this is the real reason why art
is created. Arnold Böcklin is one of my favorite painters.
A very high resolution by Wikipedia:
Eine sehr hohe Auflösung auf obigem Link.
Unter anderem wurde Böcklin gerade mit diesem Selbstbildnis berühmt.
Man beachte den gespaltenen Pinsel! Symbolik der Hinfälligkeit.
Böcklin lauscht der Melodie des Todes als Inspirationsquelle für seine Kunst.
Ich persönlich glaube dass dies auch der wahre Grund ist weshalb Kunst
erschaffen wird. Arnold Böcklin gehört zu meinen bevorzugten Malern.



  1. This is a wonderful piece! Very inspiring and mystical. I wish someday I will be able to paint such strong, vivid portraits... I have much to learn, and am very happy with tips and ideas I get from great artists such as you, Pierangelo!

    1. This is probably the biggest compliment I've received so far, here on my blog. Thank you - I feel dizzy :-)!
      Buy yourself a couple of oil colors and paint self portraits in the mirror. You learn a lot this way.
      ConceptArt.org is a good forum for traditional art, not only digital, and find good criticism and suggestions to help you on your path.
      (unfortunately, CGGallery prefers only digital).
      And as I said before: We are and will remain all learning.
      (Tip: biography of "Alberto Giacometti", author John Lord.
      Reading about other great artists help to making continue their own art and artists being.)