Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

The next ArtRage feeling

A snapshot of my next Artrage painting


  1. Absolutely fabulous Peirangelo. The natural textures, muted colour palette and naturalistic lighting complement the superb drawing perfectly.

  2. It would have been a nicer comment if I could heve spelled your name right though - apologies.

    1. Oh, I'm not resentful, Nick;-)!
      Actually, I have now, "Not like us" ready and could post it.
      But as you have to CGGallery also noticed it at the moment
      ungrateful to show something for the holidays. A low voter turnout is certain. So I wait until early fall, where all sitting at the fireside.
      My next ArtRage painting to be more fairy tale. I want
      my granddaughter (3 years) to represent riding on a badger. Of course I will get inspired by your fabulous works, Nick!!
      And mille grazie for your comment.