Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

My works printed in ImagineFX No. 58

I was the last of the Mohicans!...
Dont have subscribed IFX and they dont give a artist a free copy.
Is this okay? I mean its a question of respect.
Thanks again to Joe Cummings for the scan! (And many others
that have send me jpg's)

Leider war ich der letzte der mit bekommen hat dass meine Bilder in der vorletzten Ausgabe von ImagineFX erschienen sind. In meiner langjährigen Zeit als freischaffender Illustrator ist dies überhaupt das erste mal dass ich kein Belegexemplar erhalten habe. Mit dem Artikel über mich bin ich zwar zufrieden, jedoch nicht mit der Haltung der Redaktion über diesen hinaus.


  1. Sieht ganz toll aus. Lüfte meinen Hut ...

  2. Behalt ihn auf, bei der Hitze (vorsichtshalber!)

  3. Congrats, honestly it's kinda shitty that they won't send you a copy. We don't get the magazine here in Switzerland and how are you supposed to
    get a copy. However, I'm glad that my recommendation paid off for you :)

  4. One leaf of the big laurel wreath you can hold high
    in the air and show it proud the world, David!
    Thats true: You have give me the tips to post my
    artwork in some forums. The door by ImagineFX its
    going open alone with one of the staff writers
    that has see my posts in the finish 2d-forum on IFX.
    He has write me a mail and asking me if I...
    I have a strange dream last night: I close the lights
    of my studio where al my originals hanging on the walls. I close the door to my studio and in the
    darknes of the night my paintings comes to life!
    I have hear the Pilot from "Strandet" say: "Hey Boss, sale the laurel wreath and give me five dollars for buying casoline for my rocket, five dollars that brings
    me home from this strange planet where I was strandet!!"
    And: My experience with english speaking forums are
    mutch better than with german forums. One of the
    two german "digital art forums" has remember me at one
    of the book titles from Karl May when I have show my Mohawk:
    "Under Vultures"! They are very hungry and just waiting me... so I have cancel my profil and say
    goodbey for ever! I prefer more the fine spoken decent english crits, whit a bit more of tolerance,cultifated vultures that knows to use
    forks and knives!