Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Cloud study

Yesterday I was sitting in the train loking outside the window how the
sky play cracy. It was one of this tipical wintersky and the lights and
contrasts changing fast. By the horizont I have see a fascinating
cumulus cloud laying on a very soft white background cloud. Sometimes
I wish I have a little good digicam on me like yesterday. Buth wath
doing if you dont have it in a moment like this? Work from the good
old "memory"!! - pencil and color pencil on paper A4.
This color sketch is a help for the future and save the importand
impressions of this clouds that I have see.
Later, when I decide to use it for a background
in a painting, I search photo references that helps me to make the
details like in reality. This simple sketch is like a bridge.

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