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Vrenelis Gärtli

Vrenelis Gärtli
The "Glärnisch" has a cubical eastern drest covered with snow,
called Vrenelis Gärtli. The following legend exists abaout this
mountain: Formerly the crest of the mountain was a garden
with several rich Alps, which belonged to a herdsman who had a
daughter named Vreneli. She married a poor young man, whose
mother visited the newlywed couple occasionally. But, if the
mother-in-law came, she was always treated by the arrogant
daughter disdainfully. In order to show their wealth, the people
Vreneli built stairs of much cheese. And as once again the mother-
in-law was treated badly and returned humiliated to the valley, she wished that the cheese would become stone and for the proud daughter to be humiliated.
That happened and the whole property with eternal snow was covered shortly thereafter.
Illustration by Wilhelm Roegge

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